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Cummins authorized dealerCummins engine parts & aftermarket services  
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1. Cummins engine series

Perfect Light provides engine parts for commercial vehicles, cargo, industrial vehicles, special vehicles for transportation, marine and port. These engines parts include oil filters, oil, turbochargers, PT fuel series.  We offer engine repair and maintenane service to following cummins engine:

  • Commercial vehicles: ISBE ISLEISME
  • Trucks: B serials: ISBE; C serials: ISLE, ISM, ISX .
  • Construction vehicles: A serials: B3.3, B3.9, B5.9, C8.3, QSM11, QSB5.9, QSC8.3, QSX15, off-road emission systems.
  • Mining market: K1500E, K2000E, QSX15, QSK19, QSK38, QSK50, QSK60, QSK78.
  • Ship and porting engines: V28, K38, K50, NT855?/FONT>
  Cummins engines applications   

>City buses and coaches

> Drilling machines, mining vibrators

> On- the-road trucks

> Concrete mixers, pavers, compactors, graders

> Heavy-duty haul trucks for mining

> Generation generator sets and donkey engines

> Special vehicles

> Propeller for ships and boats and donkey engine

> Bulldozers, excavators, wheel loaders

> Cranes

2. Holset Turbochargers

 Holset, as the world-renowned manufacturer of turbochargers, is the leading company with 30% market share in the turbocharger industry. Its products are widely recognized by famous organizations like Cummins, Volvo, Iveco, Scania, Renault, Komatsu, MNA, etc.


3.  Oil filters              
Fleetguard Filters
Fleetguard Filters               PARKER (RACOR) Filters
Fleeguard Oil and Fuel Filter, Water Filter, Diesel Coolant Additive (DCA).  Beside Cummins, we also provide filters of other brands.
4. Cummins Classic Engine Oil:   
  • Classic Blue (CH Standard)
  • Classic Blue (CF Standard)
  • Diesel Inject Spray Cleanser (synpower)

5. Cummins Diesel Engine Generator Sets (50Hz 20KW ?1340KW)

Cummins Power Generator Sets, ChungQing Cummins Power Generator Sets, for power source of 20KW ?1340KW.

Diesel Engine Generator: Cummins B3.9, B5.9, C8.3, L10, M11, N855, K19, K3850, QSK, etc.

Generator: New Generation Stanford Series, Siemen Series.

Control system: Standard, Digital Paralleling System with remote monitoring and networkability.

Cooling system: Standard integral set-mounted radiator system, Ski-mounted Heat Exchanger Cooling System, Factory-mounted Heat Exchanger Cooling System.


 6. Introduction to Cummins Power Generation Generator Sets

  • Cummins Power Generation Generator sets are designed, manufactured and tested on the basis of GBT2820-97 national standard.
  • Cummins Power Generator is innovative, reliable and durable.
  • The Excited Permanent Magnet Generator (PGM) system allows the generator fast response to sudden load changes.
  • Its lower voltage dip upon load application can be used to minimize voltage waveform distortion caused by non-linear loads, and therefore has better motor-starting performance.
  • Cummins holds quality guarantees to all products of its generator series.
  • Cummins has set up national wide customer service network with 24-hours aftermarket services.


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